Bolivian Fast Food

Bolivian Fast Food

So, we’re running late and want to pick up food on the way home for all to enjoy. In Cochabamba there are no McD’s (the ‘D’ stands for death), no TacoHell, no KFC (kemmo fried carcinogens). But there are hundreds of little places that will cook up some of the options we picked up tonight including a special order vegetarian plate, which is an odd request in Bolivia. (“Quieres un plato sin carne…..en serio? Pues, OK”)

The whole meal came to just under $6, my treat! Can you feed a family of four for $6 on a ‘dollar’ menu with all food groups WELL represented? I honestly don’t know, I value our health too much to do the research.

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2 thoughts on “Bolivian Fast Food

  1. Amy

    Simple food is beautiful!! Enjoying your posts. Happy to hear you are all having fun.

  2. Diana McGinnis

    Yum, your fast food looks good!!

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