Nepali Wedding

Nepali Bride

Tonight we had the honor of being invited to a Nepali Wedding Reception. The wedding ceremony was held a few weeks ago, but this was the formal presentation of the bride and groom as a married couple to the public. There were people dressed in traditional Nepali clothing, particularly the women, and others in “western” style clothing. Like any wedding, the most inspiring sight was the bride and her maid of honor. There was an abundance of food and drink, but unlike wedding receptions I’m accustmed to, there were no annoying drunk attendees tapping their glasses with flatware expecting grotesque displays of affection between the newly wed couple. It was an elegant and dignified event in every respect.

Nepali Wedding 1 Nepali  Wedding 2

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6 thoughts on “Nepali Wedding

  1. Nancy

    What a wonderful opportunity!


    Hi Douglas hope all is well. I’m back from Yellowstone. Too many drunk cowboys! I hope your trip is inspiring. Do you have any typical nepalee wears? Send some pics.

    Your amigo, Joe

  3. Bill Strenkert

    Did u get to kiss the bride? Or is that not the custom there. It must have been a fascinating experience. Our nephew married a Chinese girl. Their wedding was very up scale. The bride changed her gown about 4 times during the event. It was “suggested” that my wife give the bride some gold as a gift. All the female guests lined up and gave the bride some gold. They had live fish in a bowl on all the tables. I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for that wedding!

  4. douglasvonhollen

    Bill, no kissing or hugging of the bride, that’s not generally part of the culture here unless you know someone really well. Shaking hands is also an uncommon greeting unless it’s another westerner you encounter. When you greet or say farewell to someone, people place their hands together “prayer fashion” bow slightly and say namaste.

    Joe, hope you had fun in Yellowstone in spite of the drunk cowboys. I haven’t taken to wearing Nepali duds yet, most of the men dress in ‘western’ clothing, though the women typically dress in beautiful Nepali fashions. I’ll collect photos to highlight that at some point.

  5. How beautiful! I think it is a great idea to have the formal welcome of the couple after the ceremony. that makes it more memorable, and we ladies get to be fashionistas more than once! I want to see what Fabi wore! I bet she looked fantastic!



  6. Rita Mongiovi

    Hi Guys, I finally had a moment to check out the blog….amazing pictures. This bride is so beautiful. The food in Bolivia looks amazing!!! I hope you are all adjusting well to the new location and hope you are having lots of adventure. Keep posting. I love it!!! Miss you all. Rita xoxox

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