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Namo Buddha Stupa & Monastery

This past weekend we went on a little retreat away from the city to a place called Namo Buddha Resort. It is named for the famous Buddhist stupa and monastery that lies a couple kilometers away. We took the hike over to the temple a couple times. As one walks through the forest towards the stupa, you can see the monastery and the prayer flags that adorn the top of the hill it sits upon. Prayer flags also line the path along the walk so its hard to make a wrong turn. Upon arrival you enter through a gate inscribed with the words,


This is a reference to one of the Buddha’s incarnations as a female tiger who sacrificed her life and body to sustain the lives of her starving cubs. The temple is surrounded by hundreds of prayer wheels and at the stupa below is found the largest prayer wheel I have ever come across. The stupa above the monastery is adorned with hundreds of prayer flags that can be seen from miles away.


















DSC01924 DSC01923

DSC00510 DSC00512












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Beautiful Butterflies

One of the many things I’ve been impressed by is the variety of insect life that is new to me here in Nepal. The abundance of butterflies has been dumbfounding at times. I came across all these particular critters within one hour in an area the size of a few acres on a walk out in the countryside a little while back


DSC00435 DSC00429 DSC00425 DSC00421 DSC00419 DSC00338.

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Balthali Village

A couple weeks back we went out to the country side with some friends from the school we work at to visit a little get away “resort” in Balthali Village. We were dropped off by van and hiked in a couple miles to get to the lodging. Unfortunately, it w as still monsoon season, so we didn’t get to see any of the wondrous views of the big mountains that this end of the valley boasts, but there was still a great deal for the eyes to soak in. There were a couple of burma style bridges to cross, first there was the big one. The image can’t convey the roughly 250 meter drop that it spans. The second smaller bridge emptied out in a little valley lush with rice crops.


The “Little” Bridge

We also came across some beautiful elders along the way that seemed very happy to see us climbing up to the village.

DSC00359 DSC00360









The view looking down from one of the “hills” down onto the location of the lodging where we spend the weekend on top of another hill, along with an image of the paths and terracing of the rice fields below the “resort” where we stayed. Hunter and I had great fun “adventuring” on the trails around the lodge.
























The “Big” Bridge With Prayer Flags


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Panauti Nepal

Last weekend we went out to the south eastern corner of the Kathmandu Valley and walked through the medieval town of Punauti. The shines in this little hamlet date to the 13th century, and although it is not the same as running my hands over the stones that were placed by the Inca, the experience is equally sublime in a spiritual sense. As we descended down into the shrines, this was my focal point with Fabi and Hunter in the foreground crossing the bridge.


The town is holy because it sits at the convergence of two sacred rivers. Several shines sit within this little village and we witnessed women making offerings in front of the shrines. We also came across a Baba who gave us no particular notice and disappeared into the temple shortly after our arrival.

Baba Panauti















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