Namo Buddha Stupa & Monastery

This past weekend we went on a little retreat away from the city to a place called Namo Buddha Resort. It is named for the famous Buddhist stupa and monastery that lies a couple kilometers away. We took the hike over to the temple a couple times. As one walks through the forest towards the stupa, you can see the monastery and the prayer flags that adorn the top of the hill it sits upon. Prayer flags also line the path along the walk so its hard to make a wrong turn. Upon arrival you enter through a gate inscribed with the words,


This is a reference to one of the Buddha’s incarnations as a female tiger who sacrificed her life and body to sustain the lives of her starving cubs. The temple is surrounded by hundreds of prayer wheels and at the stupa below is found the largest prayer wheel I have ever come across. The stupa above the monastery is adorned with hundreds of prayer flags that can be seen from miles away.


















DSC01924 DSC01923

DSC00510 DSC00512












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5 thoughts on “Namo Buddha Stupa & Monastery

  1. Nancy von Hollen

    I so enjoy your travel blog descriptions and photos. Keep it up.

  2. Ed

    Great shots. So happy that you are sucking it all in. Hugs to Fabi

  3. Dale

    What a lovely way for me to start my day at work! Thank you for sharing your experience and your beautiful photos. Namaste.

    • douglasvonhollen

      There will be more to come, hope we can brighten up another morning soon.

  4. Cindy

    Love the angry birds tshirts. We have a similar one of Chase wearing the Heat walking through the ruins in Pompeii. Miss you guys!

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