Pokhara – Nepal

For the Nepali holiday of Tihar, we traveled to Pokhara. Pokhara sits on a lake by the same name and like everywhere outside of Kathmandu, it is an absolutely awesome place to chill. You can take boat rides on the lake, do a little caving, visit the World Peace Pagoda, go hang-gliding, para-sailing, hiking, trekking in the Annapurna range… We didn’t get to do all that, but we will definitely be returning to Pokhara and the amazing family we stayed with who adopted us as members of their family during the Bhai Tika ceremony.

The Cataract and the Caves

Lake Pokhara is fed by mountain rivers that converge and create an underground cataract that empties into the lake. Underground in the caves there are ancient shrines but no pictures are allowed. It’s wet and humid and hot, all in all a great little caving experience.

 DSC00697  DSC00693

DSC00699 DSC00701

 Lake Fewa

Like any lake, Lake Fewa is relaxing, but the absence of motorboats makes it even better. The only noise that interrupts the day is the occasional ultra-light that flies overhead.  It’s cheap to rent a paddle boat and spend time on the lake. You can even pay someone a couple bucks to do the paddling for you. In the morning it is an outstanding place to sit and have your coffee and breath. As an added bonus, there’s even a modest night life along the lakefront in Pokhara.


DSC01987  DSC02010

DSC01979 DSC01983  DSC01992


 Bhai Tikas

On the last day of the Tihar festival, brothers and sisters paint special 7 colored tikas on each others’ foreheads. The family that we stayed with in Pokhara invited to take part in their ceremony since their own bothers and sisters could not be there. At the end of the ceremony we were welcomed as members of the family and are now expected to return every Tihar we possibly can.

 DSC02013 DSC02017  DSC02022 DSC02024DSC02027

 Does this tika make my nose look big?

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3 thoughts on “Pokhara – Nepal

  1. Rita Mongiovi

    Amazing pictures, haven’t seen many posts lately! You all look wonderful! Miss seeing you guys!

    Sending hugs!


  2. Bill

    Long time no contact. Glad all is going well. Sheila and I just arrived in New Harbour, Maine for a 2week stay. . Glad to be away from Naples for a time.

    Sent from my iPad

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